Auditions will be held at the Huber Opera House on Sept. 14 (6-8 pm) and Sept. 18 (6-8 pm). You will only need to attend one day.

Please come to auditions prepared to present a song from the show for the character of your choice. You may download accompaniment or song on your phone to use for your chosen song. Director will choose cold readings from the script.

First Read Through will be held Thursday, Sept. 25 @ 6-8:30 pm. Rehearsals will be held on Mondays and Thursday evenings Sept. 25- Oct. 13. Rehearsal Schedule for the remainder of the production will be scheduled later.

Productions Dates: Dec. 8-9-10. Fri/Sat Dinner Theater; Sunday show only matinée.

Director: Julie Hall   Producer: Chris Feichter

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