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Mary Poppins

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  • Date: Thu, Oct 08, 2015 - Sat, Oct 10, 2015
  • Time: 7:00 pm

Wind’s in the east. There’s a mist blowing in. Mary Poppins made magic at the Huber Opera House in Hicksville! The story unfolded October 9-11, 2015 in a Village Players mega production directed by Dave Snyder.

As storm clouds gathered over the chaotic home of George and Winifred Banks, young Jane and Michael penned a plea for help. Their newspaper ad launched a whirlwind of events that changed the course their lives in a most delightful way. At the center of the cyclone were Mary Poppins and her friend, Bert.

This entertaining show was filled with comedy, energy, music, and fancy footwork. Favorites such as Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, Feed the Birds, Jolly Holiday, Chim Chim Chiree, and Step in Time were given an extra boost. New tunes added a tantalizing twist to the beloved film score of Mary Poppins. Downton Abbey mastermind Julian Fellowes penned the show script, based on the Disney film and the stories of P. L. Travers.

An unprecedented 70 tri-state hopefuls auditioned for roles, resulting in a talented mix of stage veterans and Huber newcomers, and the audience was treated to some of the area’s finest. Marilyn Guilford infused Mary Poppins with a bouncy crystalline no nonsense soprano. Andy Gross (Bert) used his expressive tenor as narrator, charmer, and purveyor of common sense. As Mr. and Mrs. Banks, Burton Rodman and Theresa McHugh maneuvered their way through the challenges of careers, parenting, and nanny searches. Mischief makers, Jane and Michael Banks, Kate Farr and Trey Mc Farland added childhood charm to the musical.

Among those providing comic relief were Mary Smith and Cord Ehrhart as bumbling family servants, Dennis Jackson as Admiral Boom, Pam Diehl as Miss Andrew, Hal Osmun as the park keeper, Deb Kolb as Miss Lark, and Jennifer Thomas as Mrs. Corry. Carol Clark was the much-loved bird woman. Choreographer Julie Hall and her dance troupe lead the Village Players cast over rooftops and through London’s parkways.

An extremely talented chorus added onstage dimension and depth to key musical numbers. The audience recognized many names from other productions. They were Paula Meek, Jeff Rumple, Dennis Jackson, Brooke Schooley, Rosanna Yoder, Alin Cass, Jamy Shaffer, Joe Adams, Kris Rumple, Joshua Fine, Luk Rodman, Hal Osmun, Jane Ewing Weippert, Nathan Rodman, Rylan Brooks, Myranda Brooks, Crystal Brooks, Jodi Stoy, Corrie Ehrhart, Mallory Ehrhart, Melody Stevenson, Julia Clinton, Julie Hall, Caitlin Hitzeman, Tatem Stallard, Jordan Wells, Claudia Hitzeman, Anna Smalley, Josh Fine, Hal Osmun, Leah Thomas, Jennifer Figgins Thomas, Janet Kittle, Reverend Jeffrey Jewel, Loretta Jewell, Cecelia Smalley.

The talented cast were guided with musical direction by Alin Cass, producer Pam Diehl assisted by Mary Smith, and assistant director Deano Smalley. Scenery wizardry was imagined by Dave Snyder.


Mary Poppins 2015 Cast and Crew

Director – Dave Snyder
Asst. Director – Deano Smalley
Music Director – Alin Cass
Choreographer – Julie Hall
Producer – Pam Diehl
Production asst., publicity – Mary Smith
Production asst., ticket sales – Stefanie Midkiff



Mary Poppins – Marilyn Guilford
Bert – Andrew Gross
Mr. Banks – Burton Rodman
Mrs. Banks – Theresa McHugh
Jane – Kate Farr
Michael – Dallas “Trey” McFarland
Katie Nana – Paula Meek
Policeman – Jeff Rumple
Admiral Boom – Dennis Jackson
Miss Lark – Deb Kolb
Mrs. Brill – Mary Smith
Robertson Ay – Cord Ehrhart
Bird Woman – Carol Clark
Mrs. Corry – Jennifer Thomas
Annie – Brooke Schooley
Fannie – Rosanna Yoder
Miss Andrew – Pam Diehl
Bank Chairman – Alin Cass
Herr Von Hussler – Jamy Shaffer
Mr. Northbrook – Joe Adams
Miss Smythe – Kris Rumple
Bank Clerks – Joshua Fine, Luc Rodman
Park keeper – Hal Osmun
Neleus – Luc Rodman
Queen Victoria – Jane Weippert
Statue – Nathan Rodman
Statue – Rylan Brooks
Nymphs – From Dance Dolls Studio



Valentine – Jodi Stoy
Bear – Nathan Rodman
Doll – Corrie Ehrhart
Punch – Rylan Brooks
TMonkey – Melody Stevenson
Toy – Alex Hindenlang
Raggedy Ann and Andy – Mallory Ehrhart and Anna Smalley
Toy – Josh Fine
Broken Doll – Claudia Hitzeman
Humpty Dumpty


Chimney Sweeps

Luc Rodman
Hal Osmun
Nathan Rodman
Corrie Ehrhart
Melody Stevenson
Cord Ehrhart
Rylan Brooks
Alex Hindenlang
Leah Thomas
Summer Schooley
Jeff Rumple



Julia Clinton
Julie Hall
Caitlin Hitzeman
Claudia Hitzeman
Tatem Stallard
Leah Thomas
Jordan Wells



Julia Clinton
Caitlin Hitzeman
Jordan Wells



Dance Dolls, Antwerp


Chorus not otherwise listed

Janet Kittle
Reverend Jeffrey Jewel
Loretta Jewell
Cecelia Smalley

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