Huber Opera House

and Civic Center

TV Time – January 19 & 20

Posted on Jan 2, 2018

TV Time – January 19 & 20

Bringing back yesteryear in true Huber Technicolor, the Huber Opera House is proud to bring TV Time to the stage. This unique production will bring to life some of your childhood favorites. Remember shaking your head and laughing at Gilligan’s mishaps and Skipper’s attempts to make things right? Or how about the feeling that all is right with the world at the end of every Brady Bunch episode? And who could keep a straight face while watching the Carol Burnett Show? We want to bring all of that and more to you again! But if you happen to be too young to have experienced that back in the day, we would love for you to come and laugh right along with us now. Better yet, ask your parents or grandparents to tag along and walk down memory lane with them.As if all of that wasn’t enough, there will also be some cameo appearances by Dave Snider, Denver Henderson, and several of your favorite Huber performers. They have been hard at work putting these skits together and cannot wait to share them with you. Along with that, between skits, they will be playing some commercials. So let’s see if you can remember some of those old jingles.  We all know they don’t make them like they used to so grab the family, unplug for a few hours, and enjoy several of your favorite TV shows come to life!

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