AUDITION DATES:  July 26 – 6:00-8:00 pm or July 28 – 10:00-noon


Audition FormRehearsal Schedule

Auditions for Music Man @ The Huber                    Performance Dates: Oct. 12-13-14, 2018

Dates/Times: Thursday, July 26 – 6:00-8:00 pm or Saturday, July 28 – 10:00- noon @ the Huber. If you cannot make these times/dates, please text Julie at 419-506-1898. We will make it work! Come with a song prepared or sing a common song (like Happy Birthday) in several keys so we can determine your range. If you are coming with a prepared song, please bring accompaniment music or track. We have The Music Man score and we may ask you to sing one of the songs form the show. No pressure! Please see Audition Sheet below. Either download and complete a hard copy to bring with you or be prepared to complete the form when you arrive for auditions (we will have hard copies available).


Cast of Characters:

Traveling Salesman (various ages)
Charlie Cowell, the anvil salesman
Harold Hill (age 35-50)
Newspaper readers
Mayor Shinn (age 45-70)
Marcellus Washburn –sidekick to Harold (age 35-50)
Tommy Djilas (age 15-19)
Marian Paroo (age 35-50)
Male Quartet: Ewart Dunlop, Oliver Hix, Jacey Squires, Olin Britt
Mrs. Paroo -Marion’s Mother (age 40+)
Amaryllis (age 6- young looking 13)
Winthrop Paroo (age 6- young looking 13)
Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn (age 45-70)
Zaneeta Shinn (age 13-19)
Gracie Shinn (age 9-12)
Alma Hix (age 40+)
Maud Dunlop (age 40+)
Ethel Toffelmier (age 40+)
Mrs. Squires (age 40+)
Constable Locke
River City Townspeople (see below)

Families: This show is rated “G” for general audience and it is all about family. We are looking for several groups to be on stage as family units. The chorus meets only one night a week until the last few weeks prior to show. Then the chorus schedule will be increased with more days added each of those last few weeks and with Sundays being key days for full run-throughs. The last week prior to the show will be nightly rehearsals. If you ever wanted to be in a show with your children or grandchildren, now is the time.

Dancers:  4-5 young men (ages 14-18) that are ready to learn to dance and lift girls. Lyrical training is a plus, but not required; we will train you.  4-5 girls (ages 12-18) that have lyrical training. If you are not a dancer, we will still have a spot for you.

Children: 7 girls and 7 boys (ages 5-14) for Indians/Marching band

Men: 5 men for the opening train scene; 4 men for quartet

Women: 4-5 women as the mayor’s wife’s cohorts for Pick-a-Little, Talk-a-Little, Eulalie’s Ballet, and Ice Cream Sociable

Call backs, if deemed necessary will be held on Sunday, July 29. Cast list will be posted on Huber website by August 1.

Rehearsal Schedule for August and early September
Aug. 2- read through- leads only- Julie
Aug 5- Dancers meeting with Julie- 2:00-6:00 pm- Crash course; basic steps


Aug. 6- Sept. 16:
Rehearsals will be held at the Huber in the evenings on the following days each week:

Mondays- Leads- music (specific times can be assigned to accommodate your schedule)
Tuesdays- Leads- work on dialogue
Thursdays- Chorus & Dancers- learn music
Quartet will set their own schedule for the first month
Starting Sept. 9- Add Sundays for Dancers (instead of Thursdays)
Sept. 10- new schedule will be posted that will start Sept. 17 (We will take into consideration the schedules of the cast members when designing the final month of rehearsals.) Sundays will be key days for full run-throughs.

Call or text Julie with any questions at 419-506-1898.

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