Huber Opera House

and Civic Center


The Huber Opera House and Civic Center has become a beautiful venue for events of all types in Hicksville, OH and the surrounding area.  Since the repurchase in December of 1999, a group of citizens has begun restoring the building to its earlier glory!  Formerly a Pepto-Bismol pink colored nightclub, interested volunteers with all types of skilled and non-skilled abilities are working together toward their vision of a renovated Huber.  Most of those volunteers are still active in various aspects of the restoration.

Since 1999, the Huber has hosted amateur theater, community band and choral presentations, professional musicians, weddings, dance reviews, school theatrical presentations, animal shows, quilt shows, and many other activities to enrich our community.


Huber Opera House Board of Directors

Jim Schmidt, President
Keith Countryman, Vice President
Phyllis Amaden, Secretary, Office
Carolyn Gallup, Treasurer

Bob Breidenbaugh
Pam Diehl
Mike Headley
Dr. Allen Hilbert
Alice Hook, Office
Rev. Jeffrey Jewell
Lee Kallsen
Steve Mollohan
Kenny Rodocker
Joyce Shadrach
Joni Slattery
Rev. Jack Teeple


Mission Statement

To preserve the history of the community through building restoration; To promote culture in the arts through education, entertainment, and quality programming; To provide a community center through participation of volunteers, local schools and organizations.

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