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Costume Rentals

Costumes for more than just Halloween! Having a theme party? A themed family picture? The Huber has you covered. Stop in and browse not only costumes but accessories as well. Find what works for you and donate accordingly.

The Costume Room was conceived and created under the direction of Julie Hall in 2017. Throughout her life, she has appeared in dozens of shows, directed dozens more, and operated a successful dance studio for 20 years. As a result, she had a collection of costumes that spanned from Broadway shows to dance routines with a lot of miscellaneous thrown in between. Once a location at the Huber was painted and flooring installed, wardrobe cupboards were designed to hold hanging clothes and tubs filled with all the accessories that add pizzazz to the outfits.

Since 2017, the collection has grown many times larger as a result of donations and costumes acquired specifically for the Huber productions. Currently the ladies and children’s departments are housed in the costume room and the men’s collection has been moved across the hall to the community room. Additional wardrobes were constructed to house the men’s clothing as well as cupboards to house props and set dressing items such as curtains, bedding, pillows, lamps, dishes, books, and other specific hand props acquired for Huber Productions.

The costume room was recently named, “Marlene’s Closet” after Julie’s mother who handmade many of the clothing pieces in the collection.

The “Huber Hotties” is a group of women who gather occasionally to organize (or re-organize) the collection to best utilize the space and keep items well marked for use by the Huber and other theatrical groups. Local schools and other production groups often rent costumes from the Huber for their shows. In addition, the Huber rents costumes to individuals attending a special themed party or Halloween. If you are interested in renting costumes, contact Julie Hall for details.

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