Auditions – My Three Angels

AUDITION DATES: 9/24  Time: 2-4 pm & 9/25 Time: 7-9 pm

If you are interested in auditioning but are unable to attend the above dates please contact Dave Snyder at 419-263-2166 for possible alternate times.



Character Breakdown


Felix Ducotel (Father): is a loving family man late 40’s – late 50’s who is a thoroughly amiable and impractical soul; he’d make a great philanthropist, but is unfortunately not a good businessman.


Emilie Ducotel (Mother): is a patient and loving wife early 40’s – mid 50’s who is thoroughly practical and (like most women) holds the family together.  She’s wise and insightful in a loving way.


Marie Louise Ducotel (Daughter): is in her early to mid-twenties, but seems to act at times like a teenager.  She’s polite, respectful and loving to her parents and comes across as light, bright, perky,  naïve, and completely innocent (although rumored to have had an affair with Paul whom she is madly and completely in love with). She needs to be somewhat slim and lightweight because she is carried around the stage a bit by Paul.  (This will also reflect on the parents because they need to look like a family unit in body and coloring.)


Joseph [#3011]: is in his late 40’s – 60’s and seems to be in the leader of this group of convicts.  He is a ex-forger and ex-promoter/swindler.  He’s very polite but serious in nature and I would like him to be able to read a letter aloud using the (Victor Borge) aspirated punctuation technique.


Jules [#6817]: is in his late 40’s-60’s and killed a faithless wife. He’s polite, well-educated, introspective, and very insightful.


Alfred [#6817]: is in his late twenties to mid-thirties and is an ex-playboy who murdered women for money.  He is completely infatuated with the femail physic and fall in love with every beautiful young woman he sees.  He becomes admiringly boylike in the presence of a beautiful girl.


Henri Tochard (Felix’s elder cousin): is in his late 50’s to late 60’s and is a thoroughly selfish, self-centered, sobish, despicable fellow. He is Paris’s version of Ebenezer Scrooge. His only concern, beside his business interests, is in getting his nephew (Paul) established in business and married into a wealthy family so as to keep his station and position in life. He despises Marie Louise and considers the Ducotels beneath his station in life.


Paul: is in his mid-20’s or early 30’s.  Being Henri’s nephew, he is probably a God-child whom unmarried Henri has adopted as his own son.  Although he does love Marie Louise very much, he is a bit of a two-time and is not willing to disappoint nor disobey his Uncle Henri. He enjoys the “good” refined life too much.


Madame Parole: is a woman in her very late 50’s – 70’s who is a local resident who frequents the Ducotels shop and has run up a considerable bill! She comes across as a complete scatterbrain at thime, but as Mrs. Ducotel says, “She’s scatterbrained like a fox!”


The Lieutenant: is a very small cameo role that is only in the last two pages of Act 3. It will require very little rehearsal time. He is a very handsome young officer in his mid 20’s who’s come off from relatives of the Ducotels back in Paris. The three angels/convicts see him as a much needed possible romantic interest for the heartbroken Marie Louise.

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