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Hayden Anderson- Crapshooter

Lin Ballard- Mission Band/Understudy General Matilda B. Cartwright

Lilia Bowden- Miss Adelaide/Hot Box Girl

Claire Brown – Hot Box Girl

Greyson Combs – Crapshooter

Krandon Crites – Crapshooter

Vera Escalera – Mission Band

Kailin Elwood – Mission Band

Dani Frame -Hot Box Girl

Leah Garmater -Sarah Brown/Mission Band

Rachel Garmater – Hot Box Girl

James Greer – Big Jule/Crapshooter

Jeremiah Hammon – Benny Southstreet

Alex Harris – Nicely-Nicely Johnson/Crapshooter

Ben Harris – Rusty Charlie/Crapshooter

Clara Harris – Hot Box Girl

Madalyn Hedge – Hot Box Girl

Tate Herendeen- Harry the Horse/Crapshooter

Emma Huber-Whitman- General Matilda B. Cartwright/Mission Band

Brock McDowell – Nathan Detroit/Crapshooter

Allie Nelson- Miss Adelaide/Hot Box Girl

Drake Rittenhouse – Sky Masterson

Avery Rupp – Hot Box Girl

Layne Salisbury – Crapshooter

Anna Saunders – Mission Band

Jailyn Tunis – Mission Band

Jordys Vance – Sarah Brown/Mission Band

Havana Dancers: Hayden Anderson, Lin Ballard, Claire Brown, Greyson Combs, Krandon Crites, Kailin Elwood, Vera Escalera, Dani Frame, Rachel Garmater, Jeremiah Hammon, Clara Harris, Madalyn Hedge, Tate Herendeen, Emma Huber-Whitman, Avery Roop, Layne Salisbury, Anna Saunders, Jailyn Tunis

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