This year’s presentation at the Huber by CC Banks is Shrek. This mythical story of acceptance includes a Dinner Theater option on Friday and Saturday night (dinner starting at 6 pm, show at 7 pm), along with a Sunday show only matinée at 2 pm.

Tickets available by calling 419-506-1085.

Set in a mythical “once upon a time” land, Shrek the Musical is the story of a hulking green ogre who, after being mocked and feared his entire life by anything that crosses his path, retreats to an ugly green swamp to exist in happy isolation. Suddenly, a gang of homeless fairy-tale characters (Pinocchio, Cinderella, the Three Pigs, you name it) raid his sanctuary, saying they’ve been evicted by the vertically challenged Lord Farquaad. So Shrek strikes a deal: I’ll get your homes back, if you give me my home back! But when Shrek and Farquaad meet, the Lord strikes a deal of his own: He’ll give the fairy-tale characters their homes back, if Shrek recuses Princess Fiona. Shrek obliges, yet finds something appealing-something strange and differrent- about this pretty princess. He like her a lor. But why does she always run off when the sun sets?

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