From Farmland News – 11/30/99

excerpts by Del Gasche

The large letters above its second-story windows are faded almost beyond visibility. The front of the building is in a sad state of neglect and to add insult to injury is painted a horrid pink color.
But there was a time when this opera house was recognized as one of the best try-out theaters in the country. There was a time when famous entertainers visited. There was a time…. but that time was long ago. History has a way of repeating itself and Hicksville history certainly has that chance.

If the Huber Opera House & Civic Center committee succeeds with its restoration project, the Huber Opera House may yet see a return to glorious days and romantic nights. Pam Diehl is committee president. Judy McCalla is treasurer. The steering committee includes Keith Countryman, Mary Smith, and Jay Rumple. “The committee was formalized in September of 1998,” says Pam. “We currently have about 20 members. Though the project is just getting underway, many local groups and county agencies express interest in using the building once it’s restored. The building is structurally sound, but restoring it will be a massive undertaking. Though financial grants are a possibility, the committee understands that the restoration is essentially a local project.”

“Restoring one of the sparkling jewels of the community at the turn of the last century would be a wonderful way to celebrate the beginning of the next one.”

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