Cast List Big Fish       May 10, 2023

This is a list of assigned roles for now. There are several ensemble scenes and many cameo roles that will be filled during the Academy rehearsals.

Emmy Anderson              Cheerleader & ensemble

McKenna Bergman          Witch dancer & ensemble

Lilia Bowden                      Josephine Bloom

Kaylee Buenger                 Jenny Hill; Understudy Sandra Bloom- older

Aria Clem                           Sandra Bloom- Younger

Elsi Clem                             Red, White & True Tapper & ensemble

Grayson Combs                Young Will

Krandon Crites                  Dr. Bennett

Miah Cruz                          Cheerleader & ensemble

Luke Eicher                        Will Bloom

Jacob Evans                       Edward Bloom

Vera Escalere                    Cheerleader & ensemble

Sara Farr                             Red, White & True Tapper & ensemble

Dani Frame                        Bridesmaid, circus twin & ensemble

Katie Frame                       Bridesmaid, circus twin & ensemble

Leah Garmater                  Witch

Rachel Garmater              Witch Dancer, circus gymnast & ensemble

Titus Garmater                  Don Price/Mayor; Understudy Edward Bloom

Raquel Graber                   Bridesmaid, circus performer & ensemble

Katherine Green               Red, White & True Tapper & ensemble

Colton Hancock                Karl the Giant; Understudy Don Price/Mayor

Alex Harris                         Edward Bloom

Clara Harris                        Red, White and True Tapper & Ensemble

Kasey Hedge                      Alabama Lamb, Red White & True Tapper & ensemble

Madelyn Hedge                Mermaid, witch dancer & ensemble

Tate Herendeen                Zacky Price & ensemble

Emily Manon                     Witch Dancer & ensemble

Brock Mc Dowell              Amos Galloway

Allie Nelson                       Sandra Bloom- older

Nevaeh Phillips                 Cheerleader & ensemble

Averie Rupp                       Cheerleader & ensemble

Anna Saunders                  Red, White & True Tapper & ensemble

Gabriel Schimmoller        Red Fang & ensemble

Melina Schroeder             Witch dancer & Ensemble

Charlotte Strong               New York Doctor, circus performer & ensemble

Jailyn Tunis                        Witch Dancer, sorority girl & ensemble

Jordys Vance                     Alabama Lamb; Understudy for Sandra Bloom- younger

Lyric Vance                        Will’s Son

Coral Watkins                    Featured Dancer in Alabama Stomp & ensemble

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